Saturday, October 31, 2009

A recap of the last month

Junkin' in Richmond every Saturday morn, visited Squash A Penny in Ashland.
Then junkin' in western Maryland for three days in a row!
I was in Richmond for nearly a month and when I wasn't painting an exterior of a home I was junkin' and what fun I had. My equal half barely fit in the p-u for the ride back south! My garage is overflowing with great wares! Oh and then, one of my fav churches had their fall sale and again I filled up the truck! It just doesn't stop, does it??? Or is it that I won't stop???
Anyway, the booth is packed at Yesterday's and Etsy is being loaded slowly.

My Maryland finds have found new homes-all three of the crinoline slips are gone, gone, gone and Sad Eye Susie has been adopted and moved across the pond to the land of windmills and tulips!

All in all, my trip north is slowly paying for itself and whatever- I had the best of time JUNKIN"!!

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