Sunday, November 8, 2009

ebay or etsy???

that is the 64 million dollar question???

This week I am trying ebay, things are moving slow on etsy so why not. So if you follow me check both my sites:


ebay: user id: emcyem

Have a grand week!


  1. Does not hurt to try both right??

    BTW....thank you for the advise I have been researching online about 70's stuff but i just keep getting generic stuff you know? I like to ask questions to people who were actually IN the 70's. I was too young to remember as I born in 76...:)

  2. WOW! Thank you! I have one follower, my bff in NC! When I logged in tonight I was thrilled to see you there! I don't post much, etsy keeps me busy, I have so much to load! 1976, hmmm good year, from Hawaii to Florida and the year I met my match! I cannot wait to hear all about THE party! Tomorrow is mail-out day!